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Marilyn Manson for President in 2004


Rating system: Albums are rated on a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the highest.

Holy Wood(In the Shadow of the Valley of Death), Rating 5
The Last Tour on Earth(Live) Rating 4
Mechanical Animals, Rating 5
Antichrist Superstar, Rating 5
Smells Like Children, Rating 3
Portrait of an American Family, Rating 3

Holy Wood(In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)

Track List:
Godeatgod, The Love Song, The Fight Song, Disposable Teens, Target Audience, President Dead, In the Shadow of the Valley of Death, Cruci-Fiction in Space, A Place in the Dirt, The Death Song, The Nobodies, The Lamb of God, Born Again, Burning Flag, Coma Black, Valentine's Day, The Fall of Adam, King Kill 33, Count to Six and Die

Holy Wood is one of Manson's greatests works. There seems to be overtones of the Colombine incident in a few of the songs. Which makes since, considering that Manson was unfairly blamed for that incident. In "The Nobodies" we hear,"some children died the other day/we fed machines/then we prayed/puked up and down in morbid faith/you should of seen the ratings that day." Holy Wood is Manson coming out swinging with both fists. It's a big FUCK YOU to all his detractors.

Mechanical Animals


Mechanical Animals is by far my favorite Manson album. It has great songs like: "Rock is Dead", "I don't like the Drugs(but the drugs like me)", "Coma White", and my all time favorite: "The Speed of Pain"

While many considered this album to be a flop, I thought it was great.

Favorite Song: The Speed of Pain

"The Speed of Pain" is not only my favorite Manson song but is also my favorite song of all time. This song is very emotional, at least to me anyway has helped me through many times when I was depressed. It seems to be a cry out to someone accept him."Lie to me/cry to me/give to me/I would/lie with me/die with me/give to me/I would/Hope that we die holding hands/Always" I can really relate to this song.