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Marilyn Manson for President in 2004


Manson joins Eminem on stage, in Hamburg, Germany for the song, "The Way I am"

Manson was on stage during 01/30/01 performing the Eminem's song, "The Way I am" with the controversial rapper himself. I can't wait to hear Eminem's remix of the Manson's, "The Fight Song". The event took place in Hamburg,Germany.


Eminem to remix "The Fight Song"

Yes controversial rapper Eminem will be remixing "The Fight Song". Personally I can't wait to hear it. The respect between the two artists goes back a while. Both are targets of censorship, and Manson appeared in Eminem's video, "The Way I Am"

Marilyn Manson/Slipknot Tour?

It is possible that in April or May, Manson and Slipknot may be touring together. This would be a great tour. It seems possible, considering that Slipknot is doing a remix of "The Fight Song". Rammstein and Eminem are also doing remixes of that particular song.